Category: Installation

DISPL4Y Alphabet

The theme of the work “DISPL4Y Alphabet” combines three levels of one emblematic representation.

Satin Lover

Commodity fetishism and pervasive computing are ironized by linking the interplay between capitalistic product development, digitalization and gamification to an nonsense installation called: “Satin Lover”.


Digital media will be first visibly connected with a digital player.


Now that copyrights can be just about a century long, the inability to know what is protected and what is not protected becomes a huge and obvious burden…

Ich bin ein Anderes

(I Am A Different One)


Hybrid project consisting of a website, a construction set, a workshop, and an exhibition. 


A human sized 5 x 7 dot-matrix display becomes a climbing wall.

Pong Folie

Electronic devices can by seen as a kind of filter, which are slided in our perception blending “reality” like a transperent screen.

Living in a Box

This installation made of PVC foil and small light-emitting diodes explores space as an experimental media architecture.


The concept of the Display project aims an open source platform. The concept allows the installation of digital content onto a wall, just like conventional media; e.g. painting…

SwingUp Games

„SwingUp Games“ are designed to be easy to carry and easy to install even in public space. Game Art Graffiti!


The title “Bubbles” emphasizes the transparent sphere as a universal way of consumption. It appears in many ads and also serves as a draft or as a decoration…