# Game-Art

Satin Lover

Commodity fetishism and pervasive computing are ironized by linking the interplay between capitalistic product development, digitalization and gamification to an nonsense installation called: “Satin Lover”.

Mignon Game Kit

Game controlled? CODE IT YOUR SELF!

Pong Folie

Electronic devices can by seen as a kind of filter, which are slided in our perception blending “reality” like a transperent screen.

Living in a Box

This installation made of PVC foil and small light-emitting diodes explores space as an experimental media architecture.

PaintOn Games

The idea how to play PaintOn Games is based on the first computer game in pocket size version; the „AutoRace“ of the company Mattel. This game shows, quite…


GameBlox is a software that enables you to design your one game in a very easy way.

SwingUp Games

„SwingUp Games“ are designed to be easy to carry and easy to install even in public space. Game Art Graffiti!