The coded font greeting card app!

Motivation is the key to a successful introduction to the abstract and very complex world of programming. With the goal in mind to build a greeting card app, all students had a lot of fun designing and programming their letters. Thus, an exciting application could emerge in this cooperative project.

Letters coded by:
Michael Schreiner, Dorothee Hase, Arthur Seefried, Stella Jondral, Jennifer Witulla, Natalie Witulla, Lea Luedtke, Jule Leinpinsel, Ferdinand Fach, Arne Dohrmann, Lisa Heinze, Martin Tony Häußler, Ruth Firsching, Eva Bullermann, Sarah Metz, Konstantin Frey, Philipp Thomas, Johanna Baum, Helena Bolte, Camille Achilles, Jonathan Zabel, Sascha Kleczka, Verena Hutter, Alexander Schomburg, Lena Hellmann, Johanna Hofmann

Student project at Kunsthochschule Kassel
by Olaf Val, 2017

Build with: This-is-Sandbox and p5*js