[This is a draft that is still in process.]


There are intriguing parallels between creative expressions and fundamental laws of nature, especially at the intersection between art and physics, where fascinating questions about balance and harmony arise. One such question is: What harmonies of balanced bipolar potentials develop in the transformation to multipolar structures?

In physics, multipolar structures can appear as magnetic fields or atomic structures where multiple charges or poles interact. In analogy, multipolar structures may be reflected in works of art that combine a variety of elements or concepts, creating a rich and complex image. Do dissonances inevitably occur? Or are there mechanisms that can maintain the balance between the different potentials?

In physics, forces and fields are adjusted to balance each other and reach a stable equilibrium. In the Multi-Pole Potentials installation, eight different animations accompanied by sounds represent eight different energetic states. Through networking between the DISPL4Y modules, these states are passed on to the neighboring modules. A complex set of rules (algorithms) control that a tension-rich course between harmonies and dissonances is generated in the overall composition.

Installation, 2023, size flexible
LED-dot-matrix-display, electronic circuit, software based on Arduino,
Active boxes and 4 channel mixer
With technical support by Thomas Wappler