Electronic devices can by seen as a kind of filter, which are slided in our perception blending “reality” like a transperent screen. The Pong screen stands for this image of an electronic structure, which infiltrates the observer’s view like a film screen. The display becomes a real object, whose features can be felt. This effect is enhanced by the proportions of the work, which are refering to our body dimensions.

The actual contents of the screen, with the game play of the classic videogame Pong, is reduced to a minimal form. The netting of electronic parts and circuits via bare wires reveals its processor-oriented centralized structure. Only the programme code inside the microcontroller remains hidden to the observer. The reduction of the medial contents in favour of form and material refers to the quest for a esthetics balance between “reality” and “screen”.

Installation, 2006

PVC-folie, LEDs, microcontroller circuit, wiring, 2 x paddles (game controller)