Synopsis of a Hack ‘n’ Slay Performance

Philipp’s friends carry a modular studio apartment- consisting of a living room and a kitchen- through town in a set order of precession. The flat is set down in diverse public spaces. Following that, Phillip’s friends mingle with the pass-a-bys to invite them in. Inside the all white living quarters- simulating a texture-less virtual vector world- a unique computer game awaits the visitors. By use of a joystick a real avatar can be controlled. The character can be moved around the space as one wishes. When pushing the fire button the avatar swings the oversized, white sword and may attack pedestrians. The player watches the action, initiated by him through a “television-window”. The constant inhabitant of the mobile house accompanies the process of the game. He serves popcorn and UHT milk from the kitchen, explaining the base structure of the game and converses about Adolf Luther’s “Theory of Space” and the “Promenadology” of Lucius Burckhardt.

Project by:
Flaut Michael Rauch
Fabian Püschel
Lukas Thiele
Ann Schomburg
Jung Im Seo
Sina Scholz
Joon Kim
and of course Philipp Teister

Supported by:
Niklas Roy and Olaf Val, 2009