# Game-Art


 doesn’t it feel good to touch? doesn’t it feel good to touch? doesn’t it feel good to touch? Marshall Davis Jones


Dada aimed to destroy the reasonable deceptions of man and recover the natural and unreasonable order. Jean Arp

Satin Lover

Commodity fetishism and pervasive computing are ironized by linking the interplay between capitalistic product development, digitalization and gamification to an nonsense installation called: “Satin Lover”.

Mignon Game Kit

Game controlled? CODE IT YOUR SELF!

Pong Folie

Electronic devices can by seen as a kind of filter, which are slided in our perception blending “reality” like a transperent screen.

Living in a Box

This installation made of PVC foil and small light-emitting diodes explores space as an experimental media architecture.

PaintOn Games

The idea how to play PaintOn Games is based on the first computer game in pocket size version; the „AutoRace“ of the company Mattel. This game shows, quite…


GameBlox is a software that enables you to design your one game in a very easy way.

SwingUp Games

„SwingUp Games“ are designed to be easy to carry and easy to install even in public space. Game Art Graffiti!