doesn’t it feel good to touch?
doesn’t it feel good to touch?
doesn’t it feel good to touch?
Marshall Davis Jones

With the simple instruction to touch the touchscreen constantly, as often as possible without interruption, touch2much entices a consumerist use of the smartphone. The fingertips generate abstract graphics associated with Dada and action painting, from overlapping fingerprints. In the deliberate exaggeration, the banality of this process is ironically taken to extremes with the possibility of an entry in a high score table. How much time passes trapped in the countless continuous loops of various manifestations of this digital hospitalism? Without really being a game, touch2much with its under-complexity questions which mechanisms and reward systems it took to awaken the play instinct in us. At the same time, the boundaries between game structure and pure interaction are explored. The seductive device of the smartphone, which increasingly presents itself as a premium entertainment platform, is reduced to its physical existence: a touchscreen covered with fingerprints.

App, 2021
Inspired by Jonas Hansens Thumbs Down

Based on Javascript and p5*js

Further Inspirations:
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