Digital media will be first visibly connected with a digital player. The concept Your Potential Property pushes the “player” to the centre of consideration. Digital images made up of photos are shown on canvas-like self made screens. Large format pixels create a drastic reduction of visual information. The source material put through this player, like through a filter, takes on a complete new aesthetic. The original image loses meaning, but is still not completely unrecognisable. Intrinsic to this concept is working with images that are not self produced. The artistic process begins with the sorting and combination of source images. In the next step the player is assembled. With the design of this technology, the surface and implementation of pixels for each source will receive its very own “Your Potential Property Display”. In the cross-section between curator, engineer, and artist a game is created that plays with authenticity and abstraction.


Interactiv installation, 2010 – 2012
Kylie (100 cm x 80 cm)
Brad (100 cm x 80 cm)
YPP-Synth (16 cm x 13 cm)