By aesthetic, I mean responsive to the pattern which connects. Gregory Bateson

The theme of the work “DISPL4Y Alphabet” combines three levels of one emblematic representation. Starting from individual abstract pixels, patterns are obtained, which can be read as numeric codes at last can be interpreted as simple letters of the alphabet. In our daily routine LED displays provide us with simple and readable information. In the work of “DISPL4Y Alphabet” These expectations are irritated for the viewer while observing there will be displayed no readable text . As the viewers mind will point by floating structures, like the technical composition and the rules of being interconvertible and syndetic in the sign systems itself. It comes down to a deconstruction of the authority. As the digital displays provide us normally with exact information of a time, location or temperature data displays, in favour of researching interest and observation and a raising awareness of the perception from digital artefacts.

Installation, 2015, size flexible
LED-dot-matrix-display, electronic circuit, software based on Arduino
With technical support by Thomas Wappler